As many other stressed professionals, I've turned to woodworking as the ideal hobby activity to relax after the regular job. I wanted to focus exclusively on small wood boxes, but I soon found out that the delight of making more and more complex finely crafted articles makes it worthwhile to dedicate your time to larger projects as well.

This part of our Web site lists some of my woodworking projects. The projects are categorized for easier access. Please press one of the buttons below for more details.

Recent additions

January 27th 2003

Document box


May 15th 2002

Walnut jewelry box

March 15th 2002

Small cherry gift box

March 1st 2002

Easter Egg Cabinet

Should you wish to own something similar to one of my projects, please feel free to contact us at zaplana2001@yahoo.com. Being a strictly amateur woodworker, I cannot promise that I will be able to meet your needs, but I might be able to help you out.

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