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Ascent to Lipanca


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The final metres
of the ascent

The forest
thins out

Above the forest road the footpath again levels out, becoming somewhat more diversified – short level stretches are generally followed by quick ascents and descents, while individual rocks scattered along the path additionally take care for variety. Despite having left the plateau, you still walk through dense spruce forest, which only after twenty minutes slowly begins to thin out – you're approaching the meadows on Lipanca.

The path leads you
above Blejska koča

As the forest gets increasingly sparser, so the path also gradually becomes  steeper – but there is still the final ascent over ever more open meadows on the margin of the alp. Lovers of wild flowers, who have noticed wood anemones, violets and wood-sorrel in the forests, will find here the first globe flowers and columbine, the blooms of alpine clematis and the remains of the last snow roses. The path over the meadows becomes increasingly open and sunny (in such places false helleborine gradually appears), and soon the path from Viševnik comes from the left. After some minutes you'll see the mountain hut Blejska koča in front of you – only a few metres' descent now separates you from a well-deserved rest and refreshment.

It is best to return to Rudno polje the same way as you came but you can decide on adding more variety to your trip – you can carry on from Lipanca to the summits in the ridge above. The shortest, though pretty steep climb will be to Lipanski vrh, a longer and easier one takes you to Debela peč, while the most demanding one means returning to Rudno polje over Viševnik.

Lipanca, with Lipanski vrh beyond on the left

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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