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The ascent up
the ski slope

You reach Lipanca from Rudno polje, which you travel to along the asphalt road across Pokljuka. Immediately beyond the military barracks there is a carpark on the lefthand side of the road where you can leave your car. You start the route along the macadam road past the barracks, which brings you after some minutes' pleasant walk through the forest to a hunters' hut and skiing grounds.

There are still no waymarks at the beginning of the route, but a single signpost directs you from the carpark past the barracks to Triglav.

Past the bottom lift on the ski slope you can set off along the macadam road (at the first turn-off you'll notice a signpost for Blejska koča directing you to the right), or you can ascend right up the edge of the ski-slope and so shorten the way a bit, which you then continue along the forest road. After approximately 750 metres this road will lead you to a gravel pit, and behind it another signpost points you to a cart-track which bears left into the forest.

It's possible to drive by car as far as this gravel pit, nor should there be any problems with parking.

The way through the
Pokljuka forests

The considerably neglected yet well-marked cart-track begins to rise gently through the almost dark spruce forest (in the summer months the shade is ever so welcome), and soon the mountain path branches off right from the cart-track. A little before this point the first recreational hurdle is waiting for you – some spruces lie across the path that were unable to resist storms. It is patently obvious that care for the Pokljuka forests, which in previous years were maintained in exemplary fashion, is slowly dying out, since there are three more similar obstacles on your way to Lipanca.

Uphill across the
forest road

A short walk along a pleasantly varied footpath brings you to the margin of the Pokljuka plateau – all of a sudden the easy path begins to rise ever more steeply, right to the short stiff climb which ends on the forest road; you cross this and continue on along the slope above the road.

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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