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Mountain hut
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From the hut you can return to Hotavlje by the way you came (but of course you'd set off for Prva ravan by the direct path, not over the summit of Blegoš again), nevertheless a round trip via the small hut Zavetišče na Jelencih is certainly more interesting. The route towards Jelenci at first goes along a forest road, which descends from Koča na Blegošu through the forest towards Črni Kal but at the first noticeable cross-roads turns left onto a broad path which soon brings you to Zavetišče na Jelencih. Continue descending past this hut along a cart-track which ends on the forest road you already know from Prva ravan.

Zavetišče na Jelencih

The route for Hotavlje (though you'll more often notice signs for Volaka or Leskovica) crosses the forest road and begins to descend beside a pleasantly babbling stream. After 15 minutes turn left at a fork towards Volaka on a narrow little path, which almost disappears in the spruce forest. Fortunately the path (although obviously not used very much) is excellently waymarked so that it's almost impossible to lose it as long as you carefully follow the waymarks. On this descent you again cross a cart-track and then the path ends by a surprisingly sturdy bridge, which is clearly a remainder from the building of the Rupnik line, since immediately beyond it a mule track begins which takes you gently down into Volaka. There the last riddle is waiting – you must decide which asphalt road leads to Hotavlje. A quick glance at the map shows that the stream must be on your right side, so you head along the lefthand road and after a good two kilometres of a rather boring walk on asphalt which, however, is enlivened by the constant accompaniment of the attractively babbling stream, you arrive back at the parking place where you left your car.

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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