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The summit of Blegoš


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The first grassy slopes
below Blegoš

From Prva ravan you can reach the top of Blegoš by two paths – the one going direct to the summit takes a good half hour, but if you urgently need some refreshment before making the final climb, you'd better set off along the path below the slopes of Blegoš to the mountain hut Koča na Blegošu (before you leave on this trip check the PZS website to see if it's open). Both paths start above the road; the waymarks direct you onto a gentle path. At the beginning this leads through beech forest, but some metres further on this is replaced by spruces, among which the path divides – the right one heads for the summit, the left one for the hut.

During the ascent you'll probably notice here and there between the trees the neighbouring summits, beyond which gleams the Karavanke range. After 20 minutes uphill, the path brings you to a gate in the fence surrounding the meadows on the top of Blegoš. Now there's only 100 metres of height difference left, but this will present you with an interesting optical illusion. As you climb up the steep grassy slopes, you notice a bunker above you which seems to be positioned just below the summit. It's not true … when you reach it, you catch sight of the next bunker, and only when you come to that one, the real summit appears to your left, but there a marvellous view awaits you, which in fine weather stretches from the Karavanke as far as  Snežnik. 

From the top of Blegoš you drop down along the western ridge by a clearly visible, broad but steep path to Koča na Blegošu, which stands in a pleasant sunny location on the edge of the forests below Blegoš.

The view from Blegoš

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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