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The ascent to Prva ravan


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The Likar farm, with
steep grassy slopes behind

The view by the
Likar farm

Continue your way to Blegoš along the asphalt road, which gradually ascends through the forest above Čabrače. This brings you in about 15 minutes to the Likar farm, where the view of the surrounding hills is revealed again. Since you have gained considerable height up to this point (you are now nearly 400 metres above Hotavlje), the view is also better; Ermanovec can now be seen behind Slajka, though the summit south of Likar still hides the view in that direction.

Beyond the farm you come to a cart-track fork. You won't see any signs or waymarks but perhaps footprints will help you, leading straight on along a little path which ascends steeply up the meadow beside the lefthand cart-track. You can, of course, go up this left cart-track, since at the top of the meadow you more or less find yourself on it, and on the edge of the meadow above it you'll see a waymark directing you slightly left onto a path that climbs through the forest.

The views from
the meadows

Unlike most ascents in subalpine regions the climb up the slopes above the Likar farm is quite interesting, since the way mostly leads over meadows with fine views, interrupted only now and then by beech forest. Thus right after the first short ascent you come to a meadow where the path takes you straight up the steep slope to a bunker, on which such a big waymark is painted that you could almost see it even from Hotavlje.  In front of this bunker there's a view of the Polhov Gradec hills and Žirovski vrh, and naturally it gets even better as you continue uphill – since you've reached an altitude of about 1000 metres, Slajka and Ermanovec are now considerably below you, Pasja ravan can be seen to the south, with Tošč and Grmada behind it, while westwards you can pick out Kojca and Porezen, and the plateau Šebreljska planota beyond.

Beyond the bunker the path again turns into the forest; a short section along the ridge follows, which is considerably more gentle and allows a rest. The path runs by the bunkers of the Rupnik line, but when it leads you back onto the grassy slope, you're faced with the next climb. As before, here too you go straight up; the first ascent brings you to 1100 metres, after a short, easy section there's another 150 metres of steep slopes to gain in height, and then the worst labour is behind you – you've arrived at Prva ravan (1289 m) and less than 300 metres in height difference now separates you from the top of Blegoš.

The view towards
Koprivnik and Lubnik

On Prva ravan you'll notice right beside the path one of the largest bunkers in these hills, beyond it the path begins to drop gradually and brings you to the memorial by the forest road coming from Črni Kal (on your right) past the foresters' hut, hidden among the trees just some hundred metres to your left. From this forest road a fine view appears above the tree-tops of the summits as far as Lubnik – an ideal spot for a short rest before the last part of the ascent.

Translated by Margaret Davis
© www.zaplana.net and Margaret Davis, 2007

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