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Blegoš from Hotavlje


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One of the longest ascents to Blegoš begins in Hotavlje, a village in the valley Poljanska dolina, best known for its quarry of high-quality Hotavlje stone. The route starts behind the quarry and takes you through sunny Čabrače, over steep haymeadows beneath Prva ravan and through beech forests below Blegoš. You can make a round trip by descending past Jelenci.

Basic data


Excellently waymarked quite steep path


The route begins at Hotavlje, a village in the valley of Poljanska Sora, west of Škofja Loka.


Hotavlje–Blegoš: 3 hours
Blegoš – Koča na Blegošu – Jelenci – Hotavlje: 3 hours
Total: 6 - 7 hours


1562 m

Height difference

1100 m


The trip can be made at any time of the year. In winter at least the upper part of the route will certainly be trodden through the snow.

Recommended equipment

Because of the length of this route, mountain boots and trekking sticks are almost obligatory.


Škofjeloško in Cerkljansko hribovje, 1 : 50 000

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Translated by Margaret Davis
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