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During our excursion on 30. 9. 2002 we have found the following flowers

Campanula cespitosa

Centaurea scabiosa fritschii (Fritsch's (greater) Knapweed)

Campanula trachelium (Nettle Leaved Bellflower)

Centaurea pannonica

Centaurea jacea (Radiant Cornflower)

Leontodon hispidus (Rough Hawkbit)

Gentiana asclepiadea (Willow Gentian)

Salvia glutinosa (Jupiter's distaff)

Verbascum austriacum

Buphthalmum salicifolium (Ox Eye Daisy)

Erigeron annuus (Daisy fleabane)

Cyclamen purpurascens

Campanula rapunculoides (Rampion Bellflower)

Gentianella ciliata (Fringed Gentian)

Carlina acaulis (Carline thistle)

Gentiana cruciata (Cross Gentian)


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