Articles by Ivan Pepelnjak

This directory contains source code for the Tcl examples published in Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks blog.

View sourcestoreFile.tcl

Copies terminal session input to the specified file. Used to copy Tcl files to a router with no connectivity to a file server.

View sourceifchange.tcl

Script to shutdown, re-enable or flap an interface in a Cisco router

View sourcedlci.tcl

Script to display DLCIs on a router in a tabular format grouped by interfaces

View sourceipInterfaces.tcl

Script to display interface IP addresses, masks and MTU sizes in a tabular format

View sourceospfNeighbors.tcl

Script to display OSPF neighbors (including OSPF area #) sorted by OSPF process ID

View sourceospfExternals.tcl

Tabular display of external routes from the OSPF database

View sourcepacketFilters.tcl

Display inbound and outbound interface IP packet filters (IP access lists)

View sourcedisplayMTU.tcl

Display hardware, IP and MPLS Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) for all interfaces in a tabular format

View sourcerouteMaps.tcl

Display the names (and optionally descriptions) of route maps configured on the router

DNS resolver package for IOS Tcl (port of dns package of tcllib)