Articles by Ivan Pepelnjak

This directory contains complete source code for the Optimized Presentation of XML Content article published by

View sourceXMLlibrary.asp

Library of XML output routines discussed in the article

View sourceOpenbrowserCheck.xml

Browser check file. View this file first if you want to receive XML data in your XSL-capable browser; otherwise you'll always receive HTML markup

View sourcebrowserCheck.xsl

XSL stylesheet for the browser check file.

View sourcesendXml.asp

ASP script that sends static XML files to the web clients, performing XSLT translations on as-needed basis.

View sourceOpenxmlPage.asp

Dynamic XML content displayed through an XSL stylesheet. In XSL-capable browsers you can use the View... source command to view the actual XML data (after you've opened the browser check file to set the XML cookie).

View sourcecommon.xsl

Web page framework in XSL format.

View sourcelineTransform.xsl

XSL stylesheet for the dynamic XML content.

View sourceOpenstaticPage.xml

Sample static XML content with included xml-stylesheet instruction. You can open it directly if you have XSL-capable browser, or view the XML content via sendXml.asp script.

View sourcestaticPage.xsl

XSL stylesheet for the static XML page.

View sourceOpenstaticPageRaw.xml

Sample static XML content without a xml-stylesheet instruction. If you open it directly with an XSL-capable browser, you'll see raw XML data. To view the formatted data, you have to open it through the sendXml.asp script.

View sourcexmlPresentation.js

JavaScript routines to set and get cookies.

View sourcestyle.css

Main CSS stylesheet.