Articles by Ivan Pepelnjak

This directory contains complete source code for a solution describing how you to develop the same application (Frequently Asked Questions) in HTML and AJAX version.

View sourceXSLT-translated outputXML outputcategories.asp

Server-side transaction: Display question categories from the database

View sourcecategories.xsl

XSLT transformation to display question categories

View sourceXSLT-translated outputXML outputquestions.asp

Server-side transaction: List all questions in a category

View sourcequestions.xsl

XSLT transformation to display questions in the selected category

View sourceXSLT-translated outputXML outputanswer.asp

Server-side transaction: Display question-and-answer contents

View sourceanswer.xsl

XSLT transformation to display the selected question-and-answer pair

View sourcecommon.xsl

Common XSLT code: transformation of XML root into HTML page and a few accessory templates

View sourceAjaxLibrary.asp

ASP library supporting easy generation of results in XML format

View sourcestyle.css

Cascading Style Sheet defining the format of the FAQ page

View sourceOpenfaq.htm

Main HTML file for the AJAX application

View sourcefaq.js

JavaScript code for the AJAX version of the FAQ application

View sourceTestAjaxReady.js

JavaScript module that tests whether the visitor's browser is AJAX-capable

View sourceAjaxLibrary.js

Client-side AJAX library


Underlying Microsoft Access database

View sourcexLibrary.js

Browser-independent JavaScript library from

View sourcesarissa.js

Sarissa: Browser-independent access to XMLHttpRequest object

View sourcesarissa_ieemu_xpath.js

Emulation of Microsoft XPATH DOM functions in Sarissa